To My Younger Self.

You deserved to have been treated with utmost respect and dignity,… Dear young self, I look back and smile, not because the journey has been smooth or easy, but because I know for sure that every mistake and failure you made has brought you thus far. Though you didn’t always make the best choices, but […]

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Song Medley (Christmas Edition)

I : Wonderful, Merciful Saviour by Selah Wonderful, merciful SaviourPrecious Redeemer and FriendWho would’ve thought that a Lamb couldRescue the souls of menOh, You rescue the souls of men Counselor, Comforter, KeeperSpirit we long to embraceYou offer hope when our hearts haveHopelessly lost our wayOh, we’ve hopelessly lost the way You are the One that […]

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Dear Dad,

I’d be honest, This particular father’s day, I’m feeling a lot of emotions. I’m trying to find something spectacular that you did for me whilst still on earth, but, each time I try to think of something, I come up with nothing. Unlike other fathers appreciated today, you didn’t ever pay my fees, or send […]

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(Rebloged from Aunty Sish) How to Respond When Asked About Someone/People You’re No Longer Close With: Love Always

As a born again Christian, it’s important to do life and operate from a place of love. People come into our lives to play certain roles, fill specific positions and journey with us as we journey with them. I believe it’s all ordained. No matter what conclusion you draw from that particular relationship; failed or […]

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You’ve probably read a thousand and one poetry pieces on loveDon’t get me started on the songs!Yet here I am,Not just writing about what the world defines as loveBut about the person called Love. You see,Centuries ago,Love decided to create man in His image and likenessHe created man for the purposes of intimacy, and communionBut, […]

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37 Questions (Get to Know Me)

I know, this is long overdue. Truth is, I had made a blog post sometimes in 2019 answering these exact questions. But, of course, it never made it to the blog due to some reasons (explained in my “Bird Set Free” blog post). Anyways, a lot has changed about me since then and so I’m […]

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Cheers to You. 🥂

Dear women, On this day, I hope you come to believe that your voice deserves to be heard. I hope you come to believe that you breathe fire. Pure, unadulterated fire. I hope you come to believe that you deserve nothing but the best. And lastly, I hope you come to believe that you are […]

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To My Abusers.

I wrote this letter to tell you two things: One, I am so sorry the world was cruel to you at such a young age… Two, I release forgiveness to you. Excerpt from the blog post Dear You, Phew. It has taken me this long to come up with this letter because I honestly wasn’t […]

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Hey Dad, I Forgive You.

I forgive you for me. Dear Dad, As your 7th year death anniversary is coming close, I realized you’ve been on my mind lately. Not for good though. I thought this year, per usual, that day will just come and go. But as God is (and has been) working on my heart in this season, […]

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